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Basic Assessment and Strategy Evaluation (BASE course)

Sally Belanger, BPHE, BA, R.Kin Inside-Out Co-founder

Upcoming Training Schedule
November 10-12, 2017 – 20hrs
Friday 1:30pm – 8pmSaturday 9am – 5pm Sunday 9am – 3:30pm

Saturday 9am – 5pmSunday 9am – 3:30pm

Sunday 9am – 3:30pm

Cost for Students:
Inside-Out BASETraining Cost per person –
$750 +HST

As a fitness or movement professional, you know that no two bodies move alike. At Inside-OutTraining, we believe those individual patterns of motion make all the difference in effective programming.

Rather than provide a recipe of exercises to choose from, we seek to educate the movement professional on how to use the latest evidence-based practices and research to create exercises that are most appropriate for speci c client needs and goals.This facilitates effective movement progression and allows the professional to answer the following questions:

• What is wrong with the client`s performance and how can I correct it?
• What exercises/movements should I use to improve this client’s condition?
• Should I teach this exercise to my client?

Participants learn:
In a marriage of theory and application, the BASE course refreshes your knowledge of biomechanics and neuromuscular anatomy and teaches you:
• How to assess how various exercise modalities effective movement patterns
• Tools to evaluate exercise choices and movement strategies
• Client-specific exercise modification
• How to provide precise movement analysis of your clients
• Latest evidence-based research in biomechanics and exercise physiology

Required Course materials:
• The BASE course manual will be provided at the course.

• Participants will receive a certificate of completion.There is no exam or Certification process.

2.0 NSCA, 2.0 ACE

Download the brochure HERE

Gait Analysis 

Saturday November 4, 9:00am – 12:00pm
It’s no secret that each of us has a walk that is distinctly our own, but what does that mean to you as a fitness professional? How do individual gait patterns affect your clients’ programming? Inside-Out Training’s three-hour Gait Analysis workshop is lecture-based with a practical component. It is designed to educate you on the anatomy and biomechanics of the foot, knee and hip as they relate to gait patterns, teaching you what to look for, how to understand what you see, and how to apply this knowledge to effective exercise selection.

Mechanics of the Foot

November 4, 1:00 – 4:00pm
Discover how stance and gait affect the rest of the body with an in-depth look at the foot and its role in the lower kinetic chain, and learn how to incorporate this information into effective programming for sport and everyday movement. Saturday,

Workshop Special:
One workshop: $185+HST
For both: $350+HST


STOTT PILATES® Exam Preparation

If you are preparing to take your STOTT PILATES® exam, I can help make sure you are successful.

Even if it has been a while since you completed your courses, I can help you fulfill all the necessary requirements. You can even take your exam in a quiet, private studio at your convenience.

Contact us and we can make a plan to complete your certification today.


For information or to register, please contact:

Laureen DuBeau


t: 416.409.2533


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