Virtual Mat Classes

While we are unable to hold group classes in person at this time, we are happy to offer a variety of virtual Mat classes. Please note the level of each class and choose the one that suits you best.

What you need to know:

  • A 4-week session is $50 (plus tax)
  • There will be several running during the week, so if you can’t make one day in your session, you can make it up at another time (space permitting)
  • Log-in information will be sent once we receive your registration
  • Payment for the classes can be made by e-transfer or credit card
  • There is a minimum of 2 people needed to run a class
  • Unused classes cannot be transferred to the next block


8:00 am – Stretch with Anita (Level All)
9:30 am – Pilates Matwork with Alex (Level 1)
1:30 pm – Pilates Abs in Focus Matwork with Alex (Level 2)
7:00 pm – Pilates Matwork with Anita (Level 1)

10:00 am – Seated Pilates for Seniors with Laureen (Level 0)
*note: all exercises are done sitting in a chair
3:00 pm – Intro to Pilates with Anita (Level 0)
4:30 pm – Pilates Interval Training with Anita (Level 3)

8:00 am – Intermediate Pilates with Anita (Level 3)
10:00 am – Intro to Pilates with Laureen (Level 0)
4:30 pm – Pilates Matwork with Anita (Level 2)

7:00 am – Pilates Matwork with Anita (Level 2)
10:00 am – Intermediate Pilates with Laureen (Level 3)
12:00 pm – Balance and Stability with Alex (Level 1)
1:30 pm – Lower Body Strength for Snow Sports with Alex (Level 2)


Four-week blocks:

April 5 – 30
May 3 – 28
May 31 – June 25 

Class Levels

Level All: Suitable for all levels of exercisers
Level 0: Suitable for those who have had little to no experience with Pilates
Level 1: Suitable for those who have had some experience with Pilates
Level 2: Suitable for those who have had more experience with Pilates
Level 3: Suitable for those who have had considerable experience with Pilates and are looking for more challenge

  • If you would rather do virtual private (one on one) or semi-private (two on one) training, we can accommodate that too.
  • If you already have a Reformer or Stability Chair at home, virtual equipment classes can be arranged.
  • Are you looking to purchase a Reformer or Chair? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the equipment that’s right for you.

Interested in more? Read below for our complete listing of services.

Private Training

Private sessions feature one-on-one training with an instructor are 55 minutes long and are designed specifically for the needs and goals of the individual. Sessions progress at a steady pace and the client is introduced to different pieces of equipment along with Matwork and small props to provide the most effective workout possible.


Semi-Private Training

Two clients are trained by one instructor in a 55-minute session. A program is developed that addresses the goals and needs of each client while still taking into account individual strengths and weaknesses. These sessions will use a variety of equipment combined with Matwork. Book a session with a partner of your choice or let us pair you up with someone who will match your fitness level and ability.


Small Group Training – Pilates Matwork

Never more than six people, small group classes are Matwork based, but feature a variety of small props that may include the Fitness Circle Resistance Ring, Flex-Band Exerciser, Mini Stability Balls, Toning Balls and many others.


Small Group Training – Pilates Reformer

Limited to three people, Group Reformer classes progress through a full-body workout on the premier piece of Pilates equipment – the Reformer. A moving carriage with adjustable spring resistance, the Reformer provides a full-body workout focusing on arms, legs, abs with every exercise challenging the core.


Private Group Training – Matwork and Equipment

Private groups mean you can choose your classmates. Come with family or friends (3 people maximum for Reformer use, 6 maximum for Matwork only) for a workout session that is also a night out. Each 55-minute session will include a combination of Matwork and Reformer training with some props thrown in for more challenge and variety.


Prenatal Pilates

Our Prenatal Pilates classes are designed for women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy. Exercises will focus on maintaining strength and balance while following standard ACOG guidelines for safety. Depending on class size, 55-minute sessions may include Matwork with props, Reformer and Stability Chair training.


Total Barre™

Total Barre classes will also bring the joy of dance to the fitness realm with barre-based classes designed to music that will boost spirits, increase energy and strengthen and tone the whole body.